In Front Royal, Virginia, adjacent to the Virginia Inland Port and on the way to Winchester, I built a 50,000 square foot industrial building. Front Royal is approximately 70 miles along Interstate 66 from Washington, D.C. The industrial development is called K.I.P. which stands for Kelly Industrial Park.  The Virginia Inland Port is one of the few US state inland ports where the cargo coming in, usually containers, are shipped in bond from the port of entry ( Norfolk ) to the Inland Port. The cargo clears customs at the Inland Port where it is loaded onto trucks for delivery to the Eastern seaboard. Organizations also ship from the Inland Port. I have shipped cars from this port to various countries.
         The building is a top of the line 500 x 100 (50,000 Sq. Ft.) Butler building.  It has neutral stucco exterior panels that have a polyurethane filled core with a metal interior wall finished in baked-on polar white siliconized polyester.  The panels are low maintenance on the exterior and easy to clean on the interior, having  R16 insulation value walls and R30+ in the ceiling.  Because of their rigidity it is quite easy to add doors and windows as needed.
         The building is presently 15% rented to a trucking company and  was 85% rented to the Department Of State to store their armored vehicles but they have found other space. Now it is rented to a large electric company, owned by Dominion Electric Company.
         The building is located on a 7 acre site near to  a large paint factory , the Virginia Inland Port and the Dominion Electric Generating Plant.  Because of its close proximity to the Virginia Inland Port, with proper application and need, the building can be brought into the foreign trade zone for duty-free storage.
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