Order of the Cord Regulars (O.C.R.)
E.L. Cord owned Auburn, Cord, Dusenburg, Checker and Yellow Cab car companies,  American Airlines, Lycoming Motor and many more. At his peak, he owned 156 companies and gave his name to only one product, The Cord. The Cord was first introduced in 1929 with the L-29 and ending with the above car you had the pleasure to ride in designed by Gordon Buehrig.
This car has a V8 Lycoming 6 ½ supercharged engine with approximately 190 HP. A plaque in the car states it was tested at 110.8 mph. The chasis is No. 3225H and the engine NO. is FC2675. The car is certified by the ACD club. This car body was only produced in 1936 as model 810 and in 1937 as model 812. Only approximately 190 were supercharged Phaetons. Cord ceased production in 1937 because of the aftereffects of the depression.
This car has many first, namely; aerodynamic low drag unitized body with pontoon fenders; front wheel drive with constant velocity universal joints; hidden retractable headlights; independent front suspension; electric-vacuum Bendix gear shift; four speed transmission; tachometer and rheostate controlled instrument panel lights; three tail lights; radio; horn ring; no running boards; concealed door hinges; hidden gas cap; convertible top which disappears into the body and many other advanced features.
I hereby certify that                                            has on the date set forth below fulfilled the rigors of locomotion in the conveyance above graphically depicted and hence forth is initiated into the ORDER OF THE CORD REGULARS (OCR)
Sworn and certified this day                   day of                 20___.
Certificate No.                                                                                                 
                                                                           John Clarke Holman
                                                         Founder and President

                           Name                                                                                                                         Date

  1.               Jace Holman                                                                                                              07/15/06
  2.               Walt Moyer                                                                                                                  07/15/06