Many of you have visited me at Williamsburg Manor in Washington DC, adjacent Rock Creek Park.  We have owned this home for 40+ years, which also has an interesting history. The gentlemen that built the house started the Congressional Quarterly which prints every word uttered on Capitol Hill for the U.S. Government. He owned all of the land adjacent to Williamsburg Manor and had his architect design most of the twelve houses located on the cul-de-sac street in Williamsburg style. Garages cannot face the street, no curbs are allowed, slate roofs are a must and construction must be brick with mullion windows. By act of Congress, and the only one I am aware of, the street was renamed for personal reasons. He had the street renamed from 24th street to Williamsburg Lane. 
            I built a log home, which I designed, in the Blue Ridge Mountains adjacent to Front Royal Virginia. I call it “Bear Ridge” due to the numerous bears on my 40+ hectares of woods. We have a small creek running adjacent to the house and have built a rainbow trout pond on it. My home is quite isolated. There are only 4 other houses in the 240 acre woodland with a mile private gravel road to it  I am surrounded by the Shenandoah National Forest and 3,500 acres of the Smithsonian Biological Research Institute, part of the Smithsonian in Washington DC. The National Zoo in Washington DC, next to my DC home uses the Front Royal land to raise hay, straw, bamboo for the pandas, etc. and they keep their endangered species there. I do pro bona IP work for the  Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ).
            The Olmstead family (known for Central Park New York and the National Zoo in Washington DC) keep a couple hundred acres adjacent to me for hunting. The Appalachian Trail goes by Bear Ridge. 
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